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Breakthrough Love & Abundance Barriers
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San Francisco

Flirting Safari Every 1st & 3rd Sunday, 7pm, Click here to Register

Discovery Center, Chicago

Romance Boot Camp I Thu, May 31, 7pm
  Thu, Nov 8, 7pm
Flirting Safari Party Fri, Jun 1, 7pm
  Fri, Nov 9, 7pm
Speed Flirting Fri, June 1, 9pm
  Fri, Nov 9, 9pm
How To Date A 10 Even If You Are Not One Sat, Jun 2, Noon
  Sat, Nov 10, Noon
Daytime Street-Flirting Sat, Jun 2, 3pm
  Sat, Nov 10, 3pm
Finding Soulmate Love Sun, Jun 2, 11:30am
  Sun, Nov 10, 11:30am


Group Photo at Big Sur

Group photo at Big Sur Retreat

Breaking Through Love and Prosperity Barriers (for singles and couples)
On the 4th weekend of every month, at
Monterey & Big Sur, CA:
  Mar 23-25 | Apr 27-29 | May 18-20 |
  Jun 22-24 | Jul 27-29 Location: Hamptons, NY | Aug 21-23 | Sep 21-23 | Oct 26-28 |
  Nov 30-Dec 1 | Jan 25-27 |


Learn the Philosophy of Breaking Through Love & Abundance Barriers

The 8 Levels of Love

The Top 25 Signs Someone is Your Soulmate

Break Through Your Love & Abundance Barriers & be with men and women who are breaking through theirs!

We must learn to love ourselves enough to attract the kind of partner that would be capable of meeting us creatively, producing an explosion of possibilities. Enlightened Relationships require in-depth self-knowledge in order to be aligned with a higher consciousness with others.

Some individuals do not appreciate the simple complexity of relationships or how many skills we need to practice to be consciously successful. When we see and accept the possibility of love in abundance and bliss, it clears the path to grow through Lighthearted Playfulness, Practice and Learning with others.

The Breaking Through Love & Abundance Barriers process arose from my own journey to loving and living life creatively and uniquely. If I can make a dramatic move from Ohio to live in Big Sur, Ca and Maui doing work that I love, then you can go from unfulfilled to fulfilled too.

Learn more about Susan's process and the concept behind Love and Abundance Barriers...
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Meet the Love Coach

Susan Bradley

Susan Bradley, RN

The founder of LovingU.com and an award-winning author, Susan has been featured in Complete Woman, The Discovery Channel, Cosmo, and appeared on Hard Copy, 48 Hours, CNN and Montel.

Her latest book is Irresistible Prescriptions for Love


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